Murphy Ranch Consulting is a specialty retail consulting firm
specializing in Workforce Management;
that’s all we do!  

We help your business develop and implement Workforce Management
solutions from strategy, through selection and finally implementation.

We strive to understand your business needs and develop and implement
intelligent workable solutions to optimize your retail workforce.

Partnering With You

Our goal is total client satisfaction.  At Murphy Ranch Consulting we believe
successful business solutions are created by successful relationships.   
Those relationships are built on integrity, honesty and knowledge.  These
solid relationships provide the foundation to build maintainable, sustainable
solutions to your business challenges.

One of the biggest challenges in today's competitive retail environment is
balancing three conflicting demands - provide better customer service,
reduce labor costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

Murphy Ranch Consulting Partners With Your Business to
Overcome These Challenges
Welcome to MRCI Retail Solutions
for Success
Solutions that