President and Owner

Kathy Springer

Kathy Springer is an experienced project manager with over 25 years
experience with labor optimization strategies and software solutions.  
She is a dynamic leader with proven success in the development and
implementation of numerous business strategies that have
dramatically increased productivity and profitability

During an 18 year career with Arthur Andersen she directed the retail
consulting services required to design and implement labor
optimization solutions that generated productivity gains, either through
expense reduction or sales improvement.  Programs were
implemented in over 30 retail organizations from all business
categories.  Typical productivity improvement gains include a 3% to
15% reduction in payroll and a 10% to 30% improvement in store
selling coverage resulting in sales improvements from .05% to 3%.  

Early in her consulting career, Kathy directed a core team of eight
professional software developers in the development and
implementation of labor optimization software packages.  She was
responsible for product design and development, pre and post sales
support, custom implementation, client training, and on-going
maintenance and support.

As an expert in her field, Kathy has written articles for Chain Store
Age, has presented and spoke at retail trade shows such as RISCON
and NRF, and was a key contributor to a monthly publication
promoting Andersen’s retail credentials (“Retail Spotlight” and “Food
for Thought”).

Our People

Murphy Ranch Consulting Inc., has brought together a highly
experienced team of retail professionals.  Our professionals have
gained years of valuable knowledge in the consulting and retail

Our team wants to share their experience with you and are dedicated
to developing workforce solutions that fit your business.
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